Letter from the Chapter

To Whom It May Concern,

What makes Delta Rho’s Sigma Kappa so fantastic is the unique members that make up our chapter. We have girls who are aspiring nurses, artists, lawyers, and many more, who encourage one another to do better and succeed. We are a remarkably motivating chapter, and we are always there for one another. Each member of our organization possesses the true qualities of a Sigma Kappa, has a strong passion for our philanthropies, and, most of all, all represents our 4 values. Each member holds true to their heart personal growth, friendship, loyalty, and service. Every sorority has their own values that they worship, but our members do more than worship them; we practice these values everyday.

Each member of Sigma Kappa is from a different background, family, major, and has a different character and personality type. However, the majority of our chapter happens to be extroverted. Being an extroverted organization, many girls are very entitled to their own opinion and are not afraid to speak up when they need to. This keeps our girls honest, and they are always held accountable for their actions. This is how we grow as a chapter and make beneficial changes. In addition, each woman is a caring and empathetic individual; I have not met one woman who would not be there for the next. We can trust one another, and we are always there for each other when needed, especially to encourage one another to succeed. This is what makes us true sisters bounded for life!

As the Vice President of Membership, it is evident that our chapter flourishes when it comes to conversation. When talking to Potential New Members, each member knows how to have a substantial conversation and can tell whether or not a Potential New Member occupies the values of a Sigma Kappa. Even if the Potential New Member they are talking to does not seem like she would uphold our values, our members naturally know how to make this girl feel special and still have an awesome and substantial conversation. We are also a chapter motivated by energy, so if the environment is hostile or the energy in the room is low, we will not recruit our best. I made it my personal mission this past recruitment to make sure the environment was as cheerful as it could be, and made sure to keep everyone’s energy high by having pep talks, giving positive praise, and getting everyone excited and pumped up.

Our chapter is unique in many ways, but I think these are just a few of the things that makes us special. We are all aspiring towards something and encouraging one another to succeed. We are always there for one another regardless of the situation. We support other greek like and non-greek life organizations, and cheer them whenever we get the chance. Overall, our unique members are what makes our chapter stand out.



Emily L. Goodnight

Vice President of Membership for Sigma Kappa Sorority, Delta Rho Chapter