Chapter Philanthropy

Sigma Kappa has 5 philanthropies we hold dear to our hearts. These are the Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, Maine Seacoast Mission, and Alzheimer's Association. As a chapter, we hold philanthropy events that raise money towards our national philanthropy, Alzheimer's and participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's every year.

This past Fall 2019, we raised over $64,000 at the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Harrisonburg, making us the TOP Sigma Kappa fundraising chapter in the nation! Our specific chapter has been the second highest fundraiser in the nation for the past four years.

Another major event we put on in the Spring is our UV week. This week is one of our favorite times of the year since we host philanthropy events all week long to benefit the Sigma Kappa Foundation, one of our 5 main philanthropies. We host events such as "Let's Taco about Sisterhood" which is a make your own taco bar, Tropical Smoothie proceeds, and Kapture the Flag. Our chapter truly enjoys this week as it is a chance for us to bond and share our love for our philanthropies and each other with the rest of the JMU community.