Chapter Officers

Meredith Hartsook


Meredith is our current President! Hometown: Kent, Ohio Major: Health Service Administration Minor: Health Communication and Business Fun Fact: "I live in three states throughout each year!" Personal Statement:

Virginia Holladay

Vice President of Standards and Excellence

Virginia is our current VP of Standards and Excellence! Hometown: Knoxville, Tn Major: Communications and Marketing Fun Fact: Personal Statement:

Lauren Macmillan

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Lauren is our current VP of Communications and Operations! Hometown: North Andover, MA Major: Elementary Education Minor: IDLS and Spanish Fun Fact: " " Personal Statement: "My position as Vice President of Communications and Operations allows me to help the chapter grow and get to know every girl! I get the pleasure of recording everything that can be looked back on upon years to come. I am so excited to be able to serve my chapter that has helped me become who I am."

Sydney Champi

Vice President of Programming

Sydney is our current VP of Programming! Hometown: Morristown, NJ Major: IDLS Minor: Elementary Education Fun Facts: "I have an elephant tattooed on my ankle for my Grandpa with dementia & it is my favorite animal!" Personal Statement: "I am extremely honored and excited to be VPP for 2021! In this position, my goal is to create a calendar of meaningful programs for chapter and member development. The programs are aimed to cover Sigma Kappa’s 5 competencies: national & global citizenship, career readiness, meaningful relationships, self-awareness & development, and holistic personal wellness. Teaching is a passion of mine and I am excited to facilitate educational programs and promote inclusivity within our chapter."

Amanda Horak

Vice President of Finance

Amanda is our current VP of Finance! Hometown: Bucks County, PA Major: Communications Minor: General Business Fun Fact: "I've been to thirteen cities in Florida!" Personal Statement: "Being Vice President of Finance I handle dues for all the sisters, making the budget for the fiscal year, create payment plans for girls in need, and more! For this year, my goal is to minimize the girls on AFS. I’m doing my best to help my fellow sisters as much as I can considering I know money has been a difficult situation for some people during the pandemic. I love being involved in Sigma Kappa! It has brought me many more friendships and connections that I believe I’ll have forever! I owe Sigma Kappa so much throughout my years in college and I love being able to pay it back as Vice President of Finance!"

Jessi Shaler

Vice President of Membership

Jessi is our current VP of Membership! Hometown: Ewing, NJ Major: Social Work Fun Fact: " " Personal Statement: "I am so lucky and excited to hold this position, as it has been a dream of mine ever since I’ve joined Sigma Kappa. I cannot wait to lead Delta Rho through the recruitment process and greet the incoming PNM’s to give them a glimpse of what Sigma Kappa is all about!"

Camryn Faris

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Camryn is our current VP of Philanthropic Services! Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut Major: Psychology Minor: Special Education Fun Fact: Personal Statement: " ”

Morgan Pecoraro

Vice President of New Member Education

Morgan is our current VP of New Member Education! Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ Major: Communications Minor: HRD Fun Fact: "The Jonas Brothers grew up in my hometown!" Personal Statement: "I am so excited to continue my role for a second term as a New Member Educator for 2021! In this position, I am excited to help transition the newest members of Sigma Kappa into our sisterhood and service to the community, as well as provide them with the foundation of our history as a sorority and what it means to be a Sigma Kappa sister. I look forward to helping create meaningful experiences as well as create high standards through academics, involvement, and personal growth for our sisters. It is my goal to show these women what amazing opportunities Sigma Kappa provides and what they have the chance to achieve in the upcoming 3-4 years!"

Allison Tucker

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Allison is our current VP of Academic Excellence! Hometown: Colonial Heights, VA Major: Geographic Science Minor: Environmental Information Systems Fun Fact: " " Personal Statement: " ."

Madison Angelopulos

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Madison is our current VP of Alumnae Relations! Hometown: Midlothian, VA Major: Communications Minor: Human Resource Development Fun Fact: "Romaine is my favorite food" Personal Statement: "I am extremely excited and honored to be the VPAR this year! I am making it a huge goal of mine to connect our alumnae and current sisters on a personal level. I love seeing the impact Sigma Kappa, specifically Delta Rho, has had on these women & I enjoy relaying their advice and stories back to the chapter! My job is to keep in contact with alumnae, involve them in unique and exciting events, and relay what’s going on within the chapter to keep them involved."

Nichole Cornman

Panhellenic Delegate

Nichole is our current Panhellenic Delegate! Hometown: Ashburn, VA Major: Health Sciences Fun Fact: "I look like Noah Cyrus!" Personal Statement: "I am beyond excited for my second semester as Panhel Delegate. It is an honor to represent Sigma Kappa to the rest of the Panhellenic community. What I love most about my role as Panhellenic Delegate is the opportunity to gain leadership skills, working with the executive council, and making an impact on the JMU community!"

Kendall Lomauro

Social Chairman

Kendall is our current Social Chairman! Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ Major: Communications Minor: Sports Communications Fun Fact: “I was a competitive dancer for 11 years!” Personal Statement: “I am so excited to be able to plan events that will bring our sisterhood closer together and allow for our sisters to make new bonds with each other.”

Sydney Alsfeld

Ritual Chairman

Sydney is our current Ritual Chairman! Hometown: North Kingstown, RI Major: Nursing Fun Fact: I am an air hockey champion. Personal Statement: "I have been in Sigma Kappa for about a year and a half and have loved every minute of it! I have found some of my best friends through this sorority and one thing that really brought all of us together was our values. That is why I really wanted to be the Ritual Chairwoman, because I appreciate all of Sigma Kappa’s values. Being Ritual Chair, I get a closer look at how we bond as sisters and I am able to truly understand the importance or tradition and rituals."

Isabelle Malaussena

Risk Manager

Isabelle is our current Risk Manager! Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ Major: Health Science (Pre-PA) Fun Fact: "I did competitive dance for 11 years." Personal Statement: "It is my top priority to create and keep a chapter where members feel safe in all situations or events and are educated on the standards they are held to by this organization."

Kailey Classen

Activities Chairman

Kailey is our current Activities Chairman! Hometown: Stafford, VA Major: Communications Minor: General Business Fun Fact: "I tripped over my own two feet walking and broke four fingers." Personal Statement: "Personally, I have loved being in Sigma Kappa for my past three semesters. It really has impacted my college experience for the better. Being so far from home, I can truly say that Sigma Kappa has made JMU my home away from home. I cannot wait to work along side some of my amazing sisters as a cabinet member to help continue with participating in other organizations on campus. I am grateful to be apart of such a wonderful organization."

Ashley Thompson

Public Relations Chairman

Ashley is our current Public Relations Chairman! Hometown: Sterling/Ashburn, VA Major: Hospitality Minor: Business Fun Fact: "I did theatre for 10 years before coming to JMU." Personal Statement: "Being the Public Relations chairman is an amazing opportunity because it gives me the chance to showcase Sigma Kappa’s incredible women through their academics, service, loyalty, and wonderful friendships."

Maddie Riddle

Sisterhood Chairman

Maddie is our current Sisterhood Chairman! Hometown: Manassas, VA Major: Hospitality Management Minor: Business Fun Fact: "I can eat an absurd amount of sushi..." Personal Statement: "As sisterhood, I plan events and activities for sisters to get to know each other better and create lasting relationships. My goal as sisterhood chairwoman is to strengthen the bond between the women in sigma kappa and make sure all sisters feel welcome and involved!"

Shayla Doherty

Assistant of New Member Education

Shayla is one of our current Assistants of New Member Education! Hometown: Haverhill, MA Major: Health Services Administration Fun Fact: "I have 4 tattoos". Personal Statement: "I am excited to be an assistant new member educator as I love being involved and being a leader".

Olivia Basileo

Assistant of New Member Education

Olivia is one of our current assistants of New Member Education! Hometown: Garden City, NY Major: Health Sciences (Pre-PA) Fun Fact: "Everyone says I look like Noah Cyrus lol!" Personal Statement: "Respect week chairman plans a week in November where SK’s give back to JMU students, greek life, and our community."

Ally Farber

Points Coordinator

Ally is our current Points Coordinator! Hometown: Montvale, NJ Major: SMAD Minor: Fun Fact: " " Personal Statement: " "

Madison Floriano

House Manager

Madison is our current House Manager! Hometown: Chesapeake, VA Major: Health Sciences (Pre-PA) Fun Fact: "I love traveling but am terrified of airplanes." Personal Statement: "Being house manager is important to me because the Sigma Kappa house is very meaningful to all sisters in our chapter and strengthens our sisterhood bonds. I will be able to maintain how it represents us as a chapter while also creating a positive, caring, and friendly environment for all sisters or anyone else who enters the house!"

Julia Allan


Julia is our current Historian! Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ Major: Nursing Fun Fact: "I've been to 4 of the 7 continents." Personal Statement: “As the historian, I’m so excited to be able to capture the Delta Rho chapter’s memories this year and make it something that sisters can look back at years from now.”

Carley Knox


Carley is our current Webmaster! Hometown: Charlotte, NC Major: SMAD Minor: Art History Fun Fact: "I once went golfing with the Jonas Brothers!" Personal Statement: "I am so excited to work as the webmaster this year and I look forward to helping show off our amazing sisterhood. I love designing and creating and I hope I can create a website that potential members, parents, and alumni love!"

Hannah Sweeney

Triangle Correspondent

Hannah is our current Triangle Correspondent! Hometown: Mechanicsville, VA Major: Communications, Sciences, and Disorders (CSD) Minor: Exceptional Education Fun Fact: Personal Statement:

Kylie Wilton-Jones

Diversity and Inclusion Chairman

Kylie is our first diversity and inclusion chairman! Hometown: Alexandria, VA Major: Nursing Fun Fact Personal Statement: