Chapter Officers

Madison Cleeves


Maddy is our current President! Major: Justice Studies (Pre-Law) Fun Fact: "I am a karaoke fanatic!" Personal Statement: "Serving as Chapter President has been the role of a lifetime. The Delta Rho chapter continues to amaze and inspire me with their dedication to sisterhood and service. To be able to give back to the organization that gave me my lifelong best friends is the ultimate reward. It can be a challenge, but I wouldn't change a thing. Here's to another year of learning, leading and growing."

Ally Long

Vice President of Standards and Excellence

Ally is our current VP of Standards and Excellence! Major: Nursing Fun Fact: "I had the tip of my finger cut off when I was 3 years old by my sister." Personal Statement: "My position as the Vice President of Standards and Values allows me the incredible opportunity of working so closely with this chapter of such strong women. I am so thankful for all of the learning experiences I gain through being Vice President."

Olivia Hart

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Liv is our current VP of Communications and Operations! Major: Communications, double minor in French and WRTC Fun Fact: "I lived in Colorado for 10 years!" Personal Statement: "I’m extremely excited to work as the VPCO for delta rho this year. My position means a lot to me because I record everything that could be looking back on 5, 10 or even 20 years from now! I can’t wait to see the chapter grow and learn from this experience!"

Lia Curci

Vice President of Programming

Lia is our current VP of Programming! Major: International Affairs Fun Facts: "I'm in ROTC." Personal Statement: "This position is all about organization and time management!! I have already learned so much from it which I'm super appreciative of, but it's only just the beginning and there's still so much to know! Can't wait to see what the future of this position holds."

Katie Conklin

Vice President of Finance

Katie is our current VP of Finance! Major: Kinesiology (Pre-Physical Therapy) Fun Fact: "I didn't read the Harry Potter books until I was 20 and now I am absolutely obsessed." Personal Statement: "I love holding this position because I enjoy seeing the work I do managing the budget pay off when the chapter gets to do fun sisterhood activities, philanthropy events, and participate in other organizations events as well."

Logan Campbell

Vice President of Membership

Logan is our current VP of Membership! Major: Media Arts and Design, Journalism Concentration Fun Fact: "I do sideline reporting for JMU Sports!" Personal Statement: "Holding this position has been a dream of mine since I joined Sigma Kappa. I can't wait to guide Delta Rho through the recruitment process so we can add more strong, incredible women to this amazing chapter."

Gina Castanzo

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Gina is our current VP of Philanthropic Services! Major: Creative Advertising Fun Fact: "I am deathly afraid of sloths. I swear they can move a lot faster than they let on." Personal Statement: "Philanthropic service is a key component of an organization. I am very thankful to be able to lead a group of women in dedicating themselves to service. In my time on the executive board, I plan to recreate the ways we participate in our five philanthropies allowing for an even more exciting experience that not only brings memories but allows members to learn about the reason for participating."

Christy Shin

Vice President of New Member Education

Christy is our current VP of New Member Education! Major: Hospitality Management Fun Fact: "My biggest fear in the world is caterpillars and anything else with no legs or a lot of legs!" Personal Statement: "This position is the one that I have wanted since I was a new member of SK. I truly love meeting every single new member and becoming friends with them. Being Delta Rho’s VPNME means a lot to me because I get to serve as their “go to” person, educate them on what it means to be a Sigma Kappa, and help our new members find their place within our sorority during their first year. After being the assistant new member educator last year, I’m so excited for 2019 as the VPNME!"

Catherine Fisher

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Cat is our current VP of Academic Excellence! Major: Psychology Major Fun Fact: Personal Statement: "Holding this position has been my dream since becoming a new member of Sigma Kappa. I have always strived to do well in my academics and I wanted the opportunity to motivate my sisters to do the same. It is such a rewarding position and I love that I am able to reward my sister back for excelling in their studies."

Dorothy Dimitrew

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Dorothy is our current VP of Alumnae Relations! Major: Nursing Major with a minor in chronic illness Fun Fact: "I am a member of the first cohort in the nursing program to be one of 9 in the UPCARE scholar program!" Personal Statement: I work to maintain a positive and connected relationship with alumnae. "I invite them to our alumnae events as well as updating them on our chapter's accomplishments!"

Brianna Scarduzio

Panhellenic Delegate

Major: Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish Fun Fact: "I would love to work in a different country for a few years when I'm older." Personal Statement: "I love encouraging girls to attend events that better themselves, as well as informing them of other events going on around campus."

Chloe Reichert

Social Chairman

Chloe is our current Social Chairman! Major: Communication Studies Fun Fact: "I speak French." Personal Statement: "I’m excited to have fun with my sisters at all of the awesome events I’m planning!"

Sophia Tsenes

Ritual Chairman

Sophia is our current Ritual Chairman! Major: Health Sciences (Pre-PA) Fun Fact: "I'm an EMT" Personal Statement: "I am so excited to be Ritual Chairwoman! I personally would like to provide a fun, entertaining environment to teach and reinforce Ritual traditions in our chapter!"

Cam Hampton

Risk Manager

Cam is our current Risk Manager! Major: Psychology Fun Fact: "I did competitive dance for 11 years." Personal Statement: "It is my top priority to create and keep a chapter where members feel safe in all situations or events and are educated on the standards they are held to by this organization."

Kelsey McCartin

Activities Chairman

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders Major Fun Fact: "I will be living in London this summer studying abroad :)" Personal Statement: "As the Activities Chairman, I am here to encourage the ladies of Delta Rho to get involved and participate in events put on by other organizations on campus."

Alexandra Comiskey

Public Relations Chairman

Alex is our current Public Relations Chairman! Major: International business with a focus in finance and a minor in French / Pre-Law Fun Fact: "I did theatre for 10 years before coming to JMU." Personal Statement: "Being the Public Relations chairman is an amazing opportunity because it gives me the chance to showcase Sigma Kappa’s incredible women through their academics, service, loyalty and wonderful friendships."

Samantha Allen

Sisterhood Chairman

Sammy is our current Sisterhood Chairman! Major: Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS) and minor in Special Education and Spanish Fun Fact: "I danced for 16 years and went on to choreograph for a studio back home, and potentially one in Harrisonburg." Personal Statement: "I’m so excited to have the position of Sisterhood Chairman! Hopefully, through my efforts, this chapter can become so much closer with even more of an appreciation for this organization. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity, and I can’t wait for the events we have for this upcoming semester."

Phoenix Spencer

Junior Panhellenic Delegate

Phoenix is our current Junior Panhellenic Delegate! Major: Undecided Fun Fact: "All my siblings and I are named after cities!" Personal Statement: "I'm excited to be able to represent Sigma Kappa by organizing new events that all sororities can come to which will hopefully give Greek life a better reputation!"

Lily Burchfield

Assistant of New Member Education

Lily is one of our current Assistants of New Member Education! Major: SCOM Fun Fact: "I went to an all girls school for 16 years." Personal Statement: "Assistant to Christy in helping to ensure that all of our newest sisters have the smoothest transition into our foundation as possible."

Alexis Buonfigli

Assistant of New Member Education

Alexis is one of our current Assistants of New Member Education Major: Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Fun Fact: "I have been awarded a teaching contract with Virginia Beach City Public Schools after graduation!" Personal Statement: "I’m excited to be the new member education assistant because I can’t wait to meet all of the new members and experience sisterhood with them!"

Nichole Corman

Respect Week/Week of Giving Chairman

Nichole is our current Respect Week/Week of Giving Chair! Major: Nursing Fun Fact: "Everyone says I look like Noah Cyrus lol!" Personal Statement: "Respect week chairman plans a week in November where SK’s give back to JMU students, greek life, and our community."

Eleni Peterson

Points Coordinator

Eleni is our current Points Coordinator! Major: Nursing Fun Fact: "I have a twin who is in Sigma Kappa too." Personal Statement:

Carly Mattessich

Continuous Open Bidding Chairman

Carly is our current Continous Open Bidding Chairman! Major: Communication Science Disorders Fun Fact: "I have been to four countries in Europe." Personal Statement: "I am so excited to greet the incoming PNM’s during formal recruitment and show what Sigma Kappa has to offer!"

Sydney Champi

House Manager

Sydney is our current House Manager! Major: Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS) and minoring in Elementary Education Fun Fact: "I love traveling but am terrified of airplanes." Personal Statement: "Being house manager is important to me because the Sigma Kappa house is very meaningful to all sisters in our chapter and strengthens our sisterhood bonds. I will be able to maintain how it represents us as a chapter while also creating a positive, caring, and friendly environment for all sisters or anyone else who enters the house!"

Raasi Mummareddi


Raasi is our current Historian! Major: Biotechnology/Pre-Medicine Fun Fact: "I've been to 4 of the 7 continents." Personal Statement: “As the historian, I’m so excited to be able to capture the Delta Rho chapter’s memories this year and make it something that sisters can look back at years from now.”

Allison Tucker

Triangle Correspondent

Allison is our current Triangle Correspondent! Major: Geographical Sciences Fun Fact: "I have a teacup chihuahua named Tank who is my life!" Personal Statement: "I am so excited to showcase our sisterhood by writing for the Sigma Kappa Triangle. I really want to highlight all of the activities that go unseen by our chapter."

Hailey Bodycoat


Hailey is our current Webmaster! Major: Computer Science Fun Fact: "I lived in Italy for 3 years." Personal Statement: "I am so excited to be maintaining the website this year! I love working with web design and can't wait to be able to document how amazing our chapter is and allow the rest of the world to be able to see it too."