Cabinet Officers

Abby O'Neil

Ritual Chairman

Abby O'Neil is the current Ritual Chairman for our sorority. The goal of her position is to instill the importance of Sigma Kappa ritual into our members and make sure our chapter follows and understands ritual in a way that connects us to our founders, our sisters around the world, and each other. Abby is a Psychology and Spanish Major with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. In her free time, Abby likes to volunteer, hike, and sail and is even a certified U.S. sailing instructor. Abby loves SK because it has brought some of her closest friends and has taught her how to stand up for herself and become an independent person and a leader!

Therese Smith

Public Relations Chair

Therese is our Public Relations Chair meaning she manages all social media and puts on small events that connect the sorority with JMU as well as other greek organizations. Therese majors in Graphic Design and loves to make art and be outdoors. She loves Sigma Kappa because of its wonderful sisterhood and amazing work with philanthropies like the Alzheimer's Association!

Rachel Kent

Activities Chairman

Cat Santo

Sisterhood Chairman

Cat Santo is the current Sisterhood Chairman for our sorority. The goal of her position is to make the bond between our sisters stronger. She is constantly planning incredible and fun bonding events to further tie our sisterhood together! Cat is a Health Sciences major with the hopes of moving on to become a Physicians Assistant. In her free time, Cat loves to foster dogs, keep close ties with her family, hike, and save some lives on the ambulance! Cat loves Sigma Kappa because it has helped her grow into the strong independent woman that she is today.

Ashley Brooks


Ashley is the current historian for Sigma Kappa here at JMU. Her position entails documenting major sorority events and the people of our chapter such as bid celebration and handling the composites as well as preserving these documents. She's a Health Science, Health Studies Major with a Pre-Physician Assistant focus. In her free time, Ashley work as an EMT at the University’s Recreation Center and enjoys cooking and spending time with her friends and family!

Ffion Ayre

Web Master

Ffion Ayre is our current Web Master for our sorority aka she manages this website. She makes sure the website is up to date with pictures of sisters at different events and information regarding our sorority. Ffion is in the School of Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Creative Advertising and a minor in Communications. In her free time, she loves to lounge around whether that be on the beach or on the quad at JMU with friends. She loves to participate in lots of philanthropic events involving sports and is an avid gym goer. Sigma Kappa has given her so many opportunities to meet such amazing people and networking is a big perk too! It's also helped with time management skills and given her friends for a lifetime.

Gina Castanzo

T-Shirt Chair

Gina Castanzo is our T-Shirt Chairman for SK! She's in the School of Media Arts and Design here and minors in Music and Music Industry. I am a SMAD major and a music and music industry minor! Gina's position allows her to express herself by giving ideas for Greek apparel promoting an array of styles and personalities through fashion. She loves Sigma Kappa because it's helped her grow in her studies and has encouraged her to work hard but have fun doing it. In her free time, Gina loves to sing; in fact her song "Lost" is featured on this website!

Courtney Jones

Senior Coordinator

Catherine Fisher

Intramural Chair

Catherine is our current Intramural Chair meaning she coordinates SK intramural teams like basketball or soccer. She majors in Psychology with a pre PA tract. Catherine loves to hike, go to the beach, and eat good food. She loves Sigma Kappa because it's introduced her to so many new awesome people that she gets to spend the next four years with!

Hannah Hoyns

Rounds Chairman

Hannah Hoyns is our Rounds Chairman for our sorority. She is a Communication Sciences and Disorders major with a minor in Special Ed. Hannah is a member of the Sign Language Club and loves to work with kids in the community of Harrisonburg. When asked why she loves Sigma Kappa, she says it's because of all the awesome group of girls she's met by being a member!

Lindsay Mongan

Chapter Resource Counselor

Lindsay is our Chapter Resource Counselor for SK. This means she provides resources and guidance for anything in the sorority. If any sister is going through a hard time personally or academically, she's here to provide support and advice. Lindsay is a Psychology Major here at JMU which fits well with her position. There are so many things to love about Sigma Kappa, but Lindsay's favorite part is being able to have a family away from home. In her free time, Lindsay loves to dance and is always interested in talking and getting to know new people!

Arina Shahbazi

Respect Week/Week of Giving

Arina Shahbazi is our current Week of Giving and Week of Respect Chairman. She helps to promote anti hazing around the JMU campus to show how strongly Sigma Kappa is against hazing. In addition to that, she helps organize a week of giving where she sets up different acts of kindness to help give back. Arina majors in Computer Information Systems in the business school at JMU. She loves Sigma Kappa because she has found her family, best friends, future bridesmaids, and a home away from home! In her free time, Arina likes to hang with her sisters on the quad or watch Netflix.

Kira Gavalakis

Greek Week Chair

Kira Gavalakis is our Greek Week Chair which means she organizing activities and teams during Greek Week! Kira is a Theater major and is currently in rehearsal for a show in the Studio Theatre at James Madison University called Still Alive, written, directed, and completely produced by students! She does a lot of extra work for television shows and plan to move to New York City when she graduates to further audition and perform in New York. She loves because, "it has allowed me to interact, directly and indirectly with communities from our organizations, most specifically Gerontology and Alzheimer’s. I love the networking opportunities Sigma Kappa provides, giving us information about our other sorority sisters around the country through The Triangle, and I look forward to reaching out connecting with sisters in the film and entertainment industry when I become an alum!"

Lexi Boehm

House Manager

Lexi is the House Manager for Sigma Kappa. This means she serves as an Resident Advisor of the SK house. So she'll keep the house organized and make sure all the girls living there are being safe and upholding Sigma Kappa values. Lexi is a Health Science Major with a Pre Physician Assistant track. In her free time, Lexi likes to eat endless chocolate and nap. She loves Sigma Kappa because we are all very loyal to our sisters and she always has fun with them no matter what.

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